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Business Press:

22.03.18 Article – FR – Students Discover the Future of Work in the leap in time Lab Darmstadt: Arbeitswelt der Zukunft
30.01.17 Video: HR berichtet über unsere Arbeit im Lab (Minute 6:49 und 18:50): service: Zuhause
12.12.16 Darmstädter Echo – School of the Future: Students Meet Robots
10.11.16 Video: The leap in time Lab invites students. Rhein Main TV berichtet: Kids Discover the Future
07.11.16 Video: Change Congress Handelsblatt 2016 – Robots in the Working World of the Future: Interview with Professor Stock-Homburg
01.11.16 TU-Darmstadt – Robots in Office Jobs: They Don’t Know What They are Doing
08.09.16 Darmstädter Echo – Visit of Hessian Minister Boris Rhein in the leap in time Lab: When the Robot Runs the Conversaton
08.09.16 Video: rheinmaintv – the leap in time Lab Darmstadt: Digital Future – Here and Now
21.06.16 Article – Personalmagazin – Future of Work: Decentralized, Diverse, Creative
16.06.16 Video: Plenary Session Commerzbank: Company of the Future: Transformation Meets Tradition
15.05.16 Article – Human Resource Manager – Future oft he Working World: Ambitioned Discoverer
11.05.16 Video: Company Perspectives: Future of Work
01.04.16 Article – VDI-Nachrichten. Discovering the Future: Auf der Suche nach der Zukunft
24.08.15 Article – Haufe Nominates Professor Stock-Homburg among the 40 Leading Thinkers of HR: 40 führende Köpfe des Personalwesens 2015