Leap in time

Future Work Days

Learn about the future.
Experience the future.
Shape the future.

fwd1The Future Work Days are a unique program that allows executives to learn in an intense course what will be expected from us in the future and how they can deal with these new challenges.






The three levels of the program:

fwd2Learn about the future:
In the leap in time Think Tank you will discuss latest research, try out agile and self-organized working methods, and systematically develop your own innovation competence.





fwd3Experience the future:
During the future work days you will step in the future of work through a set of intensive self-experiences. Experience the life of a hyper-connected freelancer, reflect what your work space needs to offer for maximum productivity to emerge, and explore through which ways we can let creativity and playfulness back into the workplace.




fwd4Shape the future:
We offer intensive leadership training, regular reflection points where we apply the learned concepts to your business reality, and concrete implementation support to close of the future work days to make sure that you are one of the executives who actually shape the future.





Our national and international research shows that a passionate future orientation as well as the integration of exploitation and exploration is the foundation of future success. The results of the Darmstadt future study and the experiences from research and practice are the basis for the future work days.

Key Facts

3-5 days in the Leap in Time Lab in Darmstadt
Interactive Workshop with 4-6 companies



The registration for first flight 2017 you find via Future Work Days – Registration.