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Unique Location for Events.
Reflection-Space for Top-Executives.
European Hub for Management Research.

The leap in time lab is rented out to people and entities from economy, politics and research. From evening events to strategy off-sites up to leadership trainings and research summits the leap in time lab offers a special setting for up to 45 participants. Robots, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, smart table, virtual/augmented reality and much more are what you can experience in the lab. Guided technology tours and key notes can optionally be booked via leap in time.
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Working worlds of the future

The leap in time Lab, that has been installed in January 2016, exhibits three future working worlds:

Working world I  – promote agile working through „Activity-based Working“

ABW_smallThe working world “Activity-based Working“ represents an open space concept and supports knowledge workers to complete various daily tasks in different work settings. Conceptual or concentrated work can be done in quiet zones. Meetings can be conducted around the Smart Table or in our team meeting area where our humanoid robot colleagues René and Robin Pepper might support you. For more routinized work, workers can use the shared desk setting. In this setting, work is not restricted to a specific space. Rather, it allows workers to chose their preferred setting that supports their work best.

Sample tasks: strategy formulation, sales channel development


Working world II – increase creativity in the Work & Play Setting
Smart Living-Working_small
The working world „Work & Play“ relies on the principle of playful learning. The goal is to achieve kind of an “intellectual relaxation“ of the workers with the purpose to maximize their creativity and readiness to try out new things and to think out of the box. The physical equipment is rather unconventional: hammocs, table socker, and climbing facilities can be found here. Our 3D-printer and the 3D-pen encourages prototyping of the ideas. The major difference toward the other two working worlds is that the workers need to shape their own work setting (by arranging furniture etc.) before they start their creative work.

Sample tasks: new product/service development, business model generation


Working world III – maximize flexibility in our Smart Living & Working setting

Work-Play_smallIn contrast to the other two working worlds, the working world „Smart Living & Working“ is located in the workers‘ private sphere and allows you to experience how decentralized working will occur in the future. Microsoft (2015) recently claimed that already by 2020, more than 40 percent of the knowledge workers will work as independent workers. These workers work independently by offerering their work in plattforms rather than for a specific firm. Aiming at maximum flexibility in terms of the job location and the work time, this working world supports work from the private sphere and therefore allows an improved integration of the private and the professional life. This work setting enables knowledge workers to integrate various things in a most flexible manner, such as work and relaxation (e.g., by working from your bed or a hammock) or work and sports (e.g., by the table tennis office table or the table treadmill). It also allows you to integrate and quantify your work and private life (e.g., through your job and private dashboard containing various professional and private key performance indicators).

Sample tasks: work from home, E-Lancers, independent workers, entrepreneurs


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