Leap in time

The COMFURNACY Seal – Future Proof Office

Futurability is indispensable for companies in order to survive in the long term. An important element here is the design of the office areas. Also, due to the relatively long depreciation periods, companies have to consider very carefully which elements to choose when setting up new office worlds. A key criterion here is futurability. The COMFURNACY seal gives you an orientation for the right choice of office equipment.


What is rated?
Innovative and novel elements for future-oriented work in offices. Examples: furniture, presentation techniques, technical systems


Which contents are evaluated?
The Comfurnacy approach is a company-independent, scientifically-based assessment of office elements, such as furniture or office technologies. The approach was developed at the TU Darmstadt and the leap in time work-life research center and focuses in particular on six dimensions:


What is out evaluation methodology?
The six dimensions are evaluated from two perspectives: customer view and self-assessment by companies.

There are three result categories:

After six months of testing, companies receive a free short report. Sealable companies receive the Comfurnacy seal that can use this promotional.


What exactly does the evaluation process look like?
(1) Selection: You select an item or technology that you want to be rated. Please focus on new developed elements. These should be elements that highlight the specificity and innovativeness of your business.
(2) Suggestion: You propose the item to us for evaluation by submitting pictures and descriptions. Please also let us know if it is a prototype or an introduced to the market element. Basically, we rate both.
(3) Pre-qualification by leap in time: The element is pre-evaluated by a committee, consisting of scientists and experts. Within four weeks, we will give you feedback on whether we consider your element for a comprehensive assessment process. Please note that this is a preliminary stage of a possible rating.
(4) Delivery: You deliver the item for evaluation for six months. It will be integrated into the leap in time Lab and will of course remain your property.
(5) Evaluation: We will send you an electronic company questionnaire, which you should answer within eight weeks (completion time approx. 15 minutes).
We conduct user studies on the above criteria with your item.
(6) Feedback: You will receive a free summary report with your evaluation results and suggestions for improvement. In case of a positive rating (category green), a Comfurnacy Seal will be issued. This can be used for promotional purposes.

Have we piqued your interest? Please write us directly at: info@leap-in-time.de