Leap in time

About Us

Prof. Ruth Stock-Homburg

Prof. Ruth Stock-Homburg, Ph.D., is founder and chairperson of the academic council of leap in time. She is also chairholder for Marketing & Human Resource Management at the TU Darmstadt and is guest professor at MIT Cambridge, USA. Prof. Stock-Homburg published various books in the fields of Human Resource Management and Customer Relationship Management. Furthermore, she is author of numerous articles in leading academic journals.

Major Research topics include future of work, life balance, age management, leadership and market-oriented management. Moreover, she conducted scientific studies on the role of executives, employees and customers within the innovation process.


Felix Wendt

Managing Director of leap in time. Felix Wendt is responsible for strategy, internal processes, and external communication. He is deeply rooted in the Darmstadt start-up scene, where he is also involved in various companies.


Nadine Homburg

Managing Director of leap in time GmbH. Nadine Homburg is a natural scientist and expert in the field of corporate communications. She is responsible for Strategy and Finance.


Caroline Kosshof