Do you want to know whether you are at the forefront of futurability with your office elements? Do you as a customer want to know who can supply you with particularly future-proof office elements? Our COMFURNACY seal tells you! 

Productivity in the home office

  • COVID-19 brings productivity losses of up to 50 percent.
  • Productivity is highest in the home office.
  • Mixed home office constellation in COVID-19 crisis as productivity killer. Common causes:
    • Unclear regulations and guidelines for security behavior in the company
    • Strong uncertainty due to pressure of presence
    • Permanent, non-communicated changes
    • Availability of workstations (e.g. ensuring digital interfaces, disinfection
  • Home office on the riseevery second German office worker would like to work from home in the future
  • Left alone: Less than 5 percent of the respondents did get any advice or support regarding their home office equipment from their company – in Germany (3 percent) and in the US (1 percent)

© Stock-Homburg 2020 / Online survey of NUSA = 314 office workers in the USA; NGER = 206 office workers in Germany

Before COVID-19, only about 10 percent of office workers had the option to work from home. Today, every second person works regularly from home.

A recent study by the TU-Darmstadt shows that less than 5 percent of office workers receive advice or even financial support from their company to set up their home office. This results in productivity losses of up to 40 percent.

This is exactly where COMFURNACY HO+ comes in. It certifies office elements and offers innovative and at the same time ergonomic approaches for the home office.

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focuses on the nine COMFURNACY dimensions and four further important dimensions.

These dimensions have been identified in surveys in Germany and the USA:

  • Integration into the home office
  • Flexibility of use into the home office
  • High quality
  • Affordable price

© Stock-Homburg 2020 / Online survey of NUSA = 293 office workers in the USA; NGER = 165 office workers in Germany

Home Office HO+

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people have been forced to work from home – most office spaces have been left empty. While some office buildings are slowly preparing to reopen, others are still focused on surviving critical periods. Even after COVID-19, the “new normal” – needs to be flexible and responsive to the needs of office workers.

What can office elements do to support office workers when working from home? How can virtual work and new processes be managed?

Which companies have already been awarded with the COMFURNANCY HO+ seal?

Description by producer:

Meet up makes project and team work more transparent, flexible and efficient. The mobile board system is ideal for spontaneous and uncomplicated meetings or workshops, even without a fixed meeting room: Perfectly suited for agile and creative ways of working, such as brainstorming, Scrum, Kanban or Design Thinking.

It is important to quickly have the maximum productive workspace available, even in a small space – because mobile working has never been more important. Meet up is also an ideal tool in the home office – whether as a mobile room divider or to record one’s thoughts and to-dos on the board

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Description by producer:

The Move it smart storage system is the solution in the modern office world, as it is ideal for transporting work materials. The culture of life in the workplace is undergoing a transformation.

Flexible working on the move, in the office and in shared spaces is shaping today’s working world. Intelligent office systems are needed so that people in modern working environments can transport their work materials efficiently. 

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Take a seat in the comfort zone. Your to-strike stands by your side with its standard ergonomic features while your are managing your work. Make yourself comfortable thanks to harmonically balanced motion sequences, adjustable seat upholstery and armrests, ergonomic backrest and lumbar support.

Design: Dauphin Design Team

Note: Content provided by producer, translated by leap in time (source: [28.01.2021])

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