Leap in time

Testimonials for the Lab


“Technische Universität Darmstadt seeks to contribute at the highest levels to address and resolve the technology-oriented issues that will confront us in the future. The leap in time Lab makes an important contribution to this effort. Through Prof. Dr. Ruth Stock-Homburg, Head of Marketing & Human Resources, the leap in time Lab is closely linked with TU Darmstadt. It is an inspiring place, giving both science and business a means to pursue a creative, innovative approach to the working world of tomorrow.“

Prof. Dr. Hans Jürgen Prömel, Präsident der Technischen Universität Darmstadt


“Thinking today about the world and the people of tomorrow: this is essential not only in politics but also in science and economy. The leap in time Lab at Technische Universität Darmstadt enables companies to explore their “future readiness” to meet constructively the challenges of a digitalized working world. During my visit I was particularly impressed by the creativity-supporting space and the models of working environment which allow candidates to playfully try out abilities for the future.”

Boris Rhein, Hessen State Minister for Higher Education, Research and the Arts, Wiesbaden.


“I find the leap in time Lab to be a wonderful research facility for experiments in the fields of psychology and innovation. Its large open space can be flexibly configured with temporary partitions.  It also has important instrumentation available like modern eye-tracking glasses equipment backed up with the latest software. I have conducted experiments there along with Professor Ruth Stock and her team. I most warmly congratulate Professor Stock on building such an excellent Lab!“

Professor Eric von Hippel, Ph. D., MIT Cambridge, USA


“Congratulations on your leap in time Lab. I enjoyed my visit. I was impressed by the concepts of the lab, the advanced technologies you have in it, the enthusiasm of students, and the participation of leading corporations. My seminar went very well. The audience was involved, knowledgeable, and insightful. I think you have opened a seminal lab which can be of great value to your students, unviesrity, and surrounding corporations. It can be the start of important innovations in our field.“

Professor Gerard J. Tellis, Ph.D., Professor and Neely Chair of American Enterprise, Director of the Center for Global Innovation, USC Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles/CA, USA


“The leap in time Lab created by Professor Ruth Stock-Homburg has the most recent advanced technologies (such as robots, virtual reality).  With the thoughtful open design, it created the inspiring atmosphere for researchers and managers to stimulate creativity and idea generation. It can be used for many different purposes by researchers, managers, community leaders, and students alike.“

Professor Katherine Xin, Ph.D., Professor of Management & Associate Dean, Europe, Bayer Chair , China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Shanghai, P.R. of China


“Last fall, I had the opportunity to work with Professor Ruth Stock in the Leap in Time Lab, which I found to be a truly remarkable facility for inspiring and conducting research. I gave a presentation and facilitated a seminar on qualitative research methods in the Lab, where I met members of Professor Stock’s team, as well as other scientists from across the university. The space was well designed for both presentation and small group work with a relaxing atmosphere quite conducive to brainstorming and discussing research ideas. It was a wonderful experience and I greatly appreciated and enjoyed and my time in the Lab!“

Professor Elaine Hollensbe, Ph.D. Professor of Management, Department of Management, Carl H. Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, USA


“The leap in time Lab is a light and airy, open space similar to what you find in design companies. I gave a presentation there to an audience of about 40 scientists and practitioners; there was plenty of room for all to sit comfortably and mingle as well. The Leap in Time Lab is a wonderful space for seminars and workshops.   The space contains several small areas, each containing some new technology such as a robot, smart table, or virtual reality glasses. These areas allow for play and provide a creative and collaborative physical environment.“

Professor Gloria Barczak, Professor of Marketing, Editor of the Journal of Product Innovation Management, D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University, Boston, MA.


“This leap in time Lab is a great initiative and a very inspiring environment to stimulate innovative research.I really liked my visit to the Lab and was impressed with its advanced facilities. It really is a compelling approach to give body to future innovative academic research pathways in collaboration with stakeholders from industry.“

Professor Dr. Ad de Jong, Professor of Marketing, Aston Business School, Birmingham, UK


“The leap in time Lab provides insights into relevant future technologies in a variety of ways. This is possible – from my repeated experience – in an exceptional and inspiring atmosphere, suitable for a variety of event formats, such as workshops and meetings, presentations or scientific inspections and receptions, etc.“

Professor Ingeborg Henzler, Mitglied des Vorstandes, Dr. Hans-Riegel-Stiftung



Comments about the lab

“On various occasions, I had the opportunity to experience and enjoy the inspiring environment of the leap in time Lab. With the extremely successful compilation of the space, a very flexible meeting place for a creative coexistence to future topics was created. The presence of various future technologies combined with innovative moderation and a carefully selected topics have given rise to events that provided many valuable, creative, and inspirational ideas to me that are highly relevant to shaping the future of the workplace.“

Ernst Reichart, Geschäftsführer Personal, Hewlett-Packard GmbH Deutschland


“I was able to visit the leap in time Lab several times, most recently at the Preferred Partnership conference in spring of this year. On each of my visits, I could feel the intrinsic motivation of everyone involved in the “project“ and the curiosity to identify and understand new digital developments that will affect our working world of tomorrow. With much ambition and a recognizable affinity to the subject, these insights are poured into projects that provide partners with new ideas of change in discussion with each other and with the lab.“

Norbert Janzen – Geschäftsführer Personal – IBM Germany, Austria, Switzerland (DACH)


„In times of work 4.0, workplaces will need to become more agile and flexible. In the “leap in time Lab”, visitors not only get the chance to inform themselves with regard to those new work environments but to directly immerse themselves into them. It is great to have such an opportunity in the area of Darmstadt.“

Dietmar Eidens, Chief HR Officer (CHRO), Group Human Resources, Merck


“In my opinion, the leap in time lab is the preferred location in Germany, where international experts and thought leaders meet for innovations in order to discuss future models of work and can experience them in practice. I have rarely experienced such inspiring presentations and discussions about the disruptive changes in the professional world and have been able to experience them in a comparable location.“

Frank Lichtenberg, Gesellschafter, INVENSITY GmbH 


Two things drive us at wtec: the love of technology and making customers happy. The leap in time research center has been elementary in applying our technology innovations to multiple future working worlds: this helps us to further develop our lighting technology to make these working worlds even more effective, and allows us to lead our customers towards creating truly smart buildings, making them more productive, agile and power efficient (than ever before). The leap in time lab creates a bustling hive of keen young scientists & renowned international innovation researchers: We are very happy the lab is complimented by our groundbreaking smartengine network powered intelligent lighting technology (and look forward to researching the impact of our Human Centric smart Lighting developments).

Daniel S Massey, COO, w-tec AG


„Erst ging es nur um Möbel, die das leap in time Lab bei uns anfragte. Daraus entstand eine Zusammenarbeit von immens befruchtender Dynamik. Wir waren von Anfang an begeistert von Prof. Ruth Stock-Homburg, der Energie, mit der sie Ideen voranbringt und der kreativen Atmosphäre. Dieser gegenseitige Dialog fordert uns und schafft Zugang zu anderen Themen, auch bei der Entwicklung neuer Produkte. Gemeinsam mit leap in time entwickelt VARIO derzeit einen Smart Table. Die Ausgangsidee war ganz schlicht: Wie kann man an unterschiedlichen Orten gemeinsam Dokumente bearbeiten, freigeben und dem anderen rüberschieben? Heißt, wie arbeitet man virtuell, aber doch als würde man gemeinsam an einem Tisch sitzen? Uns interessiert, was die Digitalisierung für die Arbeitswelt und die Menschen bedeutet. Im  Lab haben wir die Technik unter spielerischen Bedingungen bereits hautnah erleben können: Roboter, künstliche Intelligenzen, 3D-Drucker, alles auf dem neusten Stand. Der Austausch mit leap in time ist bei dem Thema eine Bereicherung und wahrhafte Horizonterweiterung.“

Matthias Kurreck, Geschäftsführer VARIO-Büroeinrichtungen