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The U.S. and China dominate, and Europe lags behind? That’s the extent of many clichés when it comes to technology trends. Especially when it comes to artificial intelligence. The new chatbot ‘Chat GPT’ – Generative Pretrained Transformer – is making waves in the artificial intelligence industry, having reached one million users in less than a week since its launch.

For several years, we have been developing and integrating artificially intelligent software applications under the label litviva for intelligent service and office robots for corporate environments.

  • Our learning algorithms for robot movements and speech are designed to improve human-robot interaction and natural conversation with AI systems by continuously exploring and adapting the state of the art.
  • We also offer company-specific large language models which can easily compete with well-known consumer versions such as Chat GPT and LLaMA. In contrast, litviva is company-specific and absolutely data-secure according to the requirements of the GDPR.
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leap in time

As a research institute, leap in time is concerned with a holistic approach to the future of the world of work. We are your competent partner for questions concerning the future of the world of work and advise you on the necessary change processes. Furthermore, we support you in training your management team in Leadership 2030.

In close cooperation with international scientists and renowned companies, we have developed the Future Work Navigator as a strategic approach for companies that want to systematically assess and increase their future viability.