About Us

Vision and Mission

We ensure a better understanding of the working world of the future for companies, science and society.

We enable people and companies to develop proactive solutions for the new challenges of the working world of the future.


We see ourselves as a leading research institute for the working world of the future.


We are a strategic partner for companies that want to develop their future fitness.


We make our expert knowledge available for political questions about the future of work.


Founder and chairperson of the scientific advisory board of the Work-Life-Research Center leap in time.

In early 2016 she opened the leap in time lab in Darmstadt. She is a popular speaker at conferences on exciting topics such as the future of the working world, human-robot interaction, artificial intelligence, and future innovation or new business models.

Professor Stock-Homburg, is head of the Department of Marketing and Human Resources Management at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

She is the author of numerous books on the topics of human resources management and future of work management.

She also published numerous national and international specialist articles. Stock-Homburg’s research fields include the future of the working world, human-robot interaction, leadership of employees, life balance and innovation management. The interface between personnel management, human-robot interaction research, and innovation management is subject of her recent research.



Managing Director of leap in time since the beginning of 2019.

Nadine Homburg is a natural scientist and expert in the field of corporate communications. She is responsible for strategy and finance.

leap in time

As a research institute, leap in time is concerned with a holistic approach to the future of the world of work. We are your competent partner for questions concerning the future of the world of work and advise you on the necessary change processes. Furthermore, we support you in training your management team in Leadership 2030.

In close cooperation with international scientists and renowned companies, we have developed the Future Work Navigator as a strategic approach for companies that want to systematically assess and increase their future viability.