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The optimal desk is the foundation for a full-fledged workplace.

But the demands on desks have increased over the years: Today we need height-adjustable furniture and want to organize our smart devices and cables in a space-saving way.

There is all sorts of technology built into the desk top that keeps things tidy and convenient at the workplace.

Checklist for future-proof desks.

The dynamic standing elements …

✓ meets future needs of the workers for flexible office work (future orientation).

✓ complies with the principles of environmentally friendly production, use, and disposal (sustainability).

✓ is new and innovative – and stimulates concentrated and creative working (innovativeness).

✓ supports relaxed and healthy working positions (recreation).

✓ easily integrates other office technologies (technology integration).

✓ supports communication and teamwork (teamwork).

✓ supports important criteria for ergonomics, functionality, and usefulness.

The following office desks have been certified based on the criteria of the COMFURNACY seal:

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Description by producer:

Redefine your workspace: Get ready now for more flexibility in your professional life. With K+N STANDBY.OFFICE, you can help shape the change in the working world in an imaginative and holistic way. We offer you a solution that allows you to create workplaces where none are actually intended: in open space and even in busier places – exactly where they are needed.

Agile working methods require not only agile employees, but also agile equipment. Our forward-looking solution makes mobile, autonomous work possible today. K+N STANDY.OFFICE is a foldable, mobile, fully equipped workstation with acoustic shielding. For example, the table adjusts comfortably to very short and very tall people and is completely self-sufficient thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery.

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Description by producer:

As a supplement to the M1 stacking box system, VARIO has developed a filigree frame element that now allows for an extremely wide range of variants. Whether seating, room divider, sideboard or high shelf wall, whether desk and standing table configurations, for individual workstations or for group offices – it can all be assembled without tools and without complications.

The M1 frame element is available in widths of 400 and 800 mm and in three heights: 400, 200 and 100 mm. The floor element is 100 mm high and equipped with adjustable glides. The color is either black or white. The same surfaces are available for the 19 mm thick shelves and cover plates as for the M1 stacking box system; in addition, they can be edged in black or white, depending on which frame element color is chosen.

M1 frame element has won an award in the competition “bdia ausgesucht! 2020” competition!

Brochure: [02.01.2021].

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Description by producer:

Float is a revolutionary standing office desk that brings the effortless operation to traditional sit-stand products. Ease of use is at the heart of Float, as it seamlessly adjusts between sitting and standing postures without interrupting workflow. With a gentle push up of the paddle lever, using a patented counterbalance mechanism, the desktop lifts up and down silently with ease. With a minimal aesthetic, Float complements traditional offices and home workspaces.

  • Unique counterbalance operation system saving time and workflow interruption
  • Can be lifted or lowered using only one hand, making finding the ideal height easy
  • No electrical mechanism eliminating noisy slow motors minimising noise
  • Clean, sophisticated aesthetic compementing any work environment
  • Built for a long, serviceable life and limited carbon footprint
  • Desktop made without formaldehyde helping environmental impact
  • Meets BIFMA requirements for load, capacity and stability
  • Includes a 5 year, 24/7 warranty
Note: Content provided by producer, translated by leap in time (source: [02.01.2021].