Future-Proof Integrative Office Solutions

Just as the pot has to fit on the lid, individual office elements should also fit together in such a way that they optimally support efficient office work.

“Integrated Office Solutions” come into play right here: They relieve office workers of the challenge of picking and choosing their office furniture one piece at a time. Instead, a holistic, integrated workplace is provided.

Checklist for future-proof integrative office solutions.

The integrative office solution …

✓ meets office workers’ future needs for communication and collaboration (future orientation).

✓ complies with the principles of environmentally friendly production, use, and disposal (sustainability).

✓ is new and innovative – and stimulates creative working (innovativeness).

✓ provides space to relax (recreation).

✓ is fully digitalized and is equipped with state-of-the-art media equipment (technology integration).

✓ supports communication and teamwork (teamwork).

✓ supports important criteria for ergonomics, functionality, and usefulness.

The following integrative office solutions have been certified based on the criteria of the COMFURNACY seal:


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Description by producer:

Office Shell is our recent concept, the aim of which is to address the shortcomings of open plan offices. These shortcomings have been thoroughly researched; all of this research, conducted on large samples of workforce employed in open-plan offices throughout the world, pointed at the same problems.

Lack of isolation and privacy, coupled with the crowded and noisy nature of the open plan office, leads to diminished returns from space savings the open plan office offers, mostly due to decreased productivity of workers who find it difficult to focus in such an environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted another value of the Office Shell, and showed  the ability of workers to isolate themselves in the workplace is crucial – physical barriers make the spreading of infectious diseases much harder.

Current solutions on the market are either acoustic barriers or large and bulky booths which take too much space to solve the problem efficiently for many workers. The Office Shell, in contrast, is a much more compact system; it requires about 4 m2 of office space, enclosing a single workspace in a cylindrical booth with sliding doors. It provides a highly customizable, safer workspace that allows for stress-free work in a green environment.

Note: Content provided by producer, translated by leap in time (source: https://www.dizzconcept.com/office-shell [02.01.2021]).