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One thing is certain: digitization is not only changing the use of hardware and software by the working population, but also their meeting formats. For despite all the possibilities, such as e-mails, chats and video conferences, face-to-face communication remains irreplaceable in the everyday working world. But in order to meet the needs of the new generations, it has to change massively.

The office becomes a meeting place where they can meet their colleagues and hold meetings. It is essential that employees feel at home in the office. Satisfied employees not only create a better working atmosphere, they also demonstrably work more effectively. To achieve this, it is advisable to focus on the points of interaction, digitization, flexibility and ecology. The highest priority is given to the digitalization factor.

The perfect meeting room for conferences, seminars or meetings should have comprehensive, state-of-the-art media equipment. Therefore, companies want to make meetings more effective and promote the mental performance of employees. Whether they succeed in doing so, however, depends on the equipment of the meeting areas also plays a decisive role.

The “oil in the gears” of a well-organized meeting are mobile meeting systems, such as mobile boards, etc., that really bring a meeting to life.

Checklist for future-proof mobile meeting systems.

The mobile meeting system …

✓ meets office workers’ future needs for communication and collaboration (future orientation).

✓ complies with the principles of environmentally friendly production, use, and disposal (sustainability).

✓ is new and innovative – and stimulates creative working (innovativeness).

✓ provides space to relax (recreation).

✓ is fully digitalized and is equipped with state-of-the-art media equipment (technology integration).

✓ supports communication and teamwork (teamwork).

✓ supports important criteria for ergonomics, functionality, and usefulness.

The following mobile meeting systems have been certified based on the criteria of the COMFURNACY seal:


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Description by producer:

The whiteboard meet up of the brand Sigel is magnetic, writable, glueable, easily movable and easy to clean. In addition, themeet up can be used on both sides and is easy to move. The meet up comes in the format 180 x 90 cm and has a thickness of 1.7 cm. It is a lightweight, double-sided whiteboard on which you can also work with magnets.

The whiteboard meet up can be used free-standing leaning against the wall or set up in the practical “stand”. Either leaned diagonally from the bottom front to the top back following the human body when writing, so that two groups can work on both sides or also clamped vertically in the matching slot of the stool stand.

Matching magnets, markers and “erasers”, sticky notes or moderation cards can also be found in our range. The manufacturer offers a 25-year warranty on perfect writeability and wipeability of the surface!


Note: Content provided by producer, translated by leap in time (source: [02.01.2021])

Description by producer:

The VARIO VERSA H coffee caddy is uncomplicated and versatile for use in all office areas. Thanks to the steerable wheels, the compact caddy can quickly and flexibly follow a change of location during a meeting or presentation.

It is equipped with a refrigerator with a capacity of 19 liters, two spacious drawers for glasses and cups, as well as two pull-outs for waste containers and the supply of a coffee machine (beans, 1 l PET bottles). A rear hinged door provides convenient access to the electrical supply cable. The power cable for a coffee machine is routed through a stainless steel cable aperture in the top shelf.

Dimensions in mm W/D/H W 680/610/1068 mm

Note: Content provided by producer, translated by leap in time (source: [02.01.2021].

Description by producer:

The VERSA H MiniCaddy can be used well as a printer trolley or as an under-table container. With seat cushions it becomes a temporary seat and with a foldable handle it turns into a mini transporter.

Dimensions in mm W/D/H 430/428/570

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