Future-Proof Office Technologies

In the category office technologies we are exploring innovative and useful tools that can enrich the daily office experience for everyone, but don’t really fit into any of the other categories.

Checklist for future-proof office technologies.

The office technologie …

✓ meets office workers’ future needs for communication and collaboration (future orientation).

✓ complies with the principles of environmentally friendly production, use, and disposal (sustainability).

✓ is new and innovative – and stimulates creative working (innovativeness).

✓ helps to relax at the workplace (recreation).

✓ is fully digitalized and is equipped with state-of-the-art media equipment (technology integration).

✓ supports communication and teamwork (teamwork).

✓ supports important criteria for ergonomics, functionality, and usefulness.

The following office technologies have been certified based on the criteria of the COMFURNACY seal:

Description by producer:

VITAWORK® is designed for illuminating an entire room with direct and indirect light.

The LEDs built into the lamp head provide energy-efficient illumination via a light panel which provides direct and indirect light with either symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution.

VITAWORK® is available with three different luminous flux intensities which can light rooms of different size.

• Operation: via touch panel for dimming , presence and light sensors

• Luminous flux options: 7,000 / 12,000 / 17,000 lm

• Light distribution: Symmetrical / Asymmetrical

• Colour temperature: 4,000 K

• Colour rendering index: > 80

• Clear height :> 2m

• Energy efficiency: A++

• Meets legal requirements: EN 12464-1 standard and the German workplace ordinance ASR 3.4

• Can be customised

• Article numbers 9261 – 9272

Note: Content provided by producer (source: https://www.eporta.com/item/152828/luctra-by-durable/vitaworkr/  [07.01.2021])

Description by producer:

Whether at work or at home, most people spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. Health and well-being therefore play an important role at the desk. The movable monitor arm from DURABLE offers a particularly flexible solution for the ergonomic workplace.

Easy to use:
– Desk mount with flexible monitor arm for 1 screen
– Individually adjustable height, tilt and alignment of the monitor
– Smooth and comfortable movement of the monitor due to internal, maintenance-free gas spring
– Easy adjustment to monitor weight by turning knob, no separate tools necessary
– Extra easy attachment of the screen by snapping it into the holder
– Safety system protects fingers from getting caught between moving components
– Incl. 3 individually attachable cable clamps for orderly cable routing

Quality promise:
– High-quality materials for a long service life: made of aluminium and premium plastics
– Environmentally friendly in accordance with ISO 14021: 100% recyclable, up to 60% made of recycled material
– Elegant design for use in different environments
– Patent pending for mounting system
– 10-year warranty (warranty conditions)
– Made in Germany: The high-quality monitor mounts are manufactured in Germany. The plastic parts are manufactured under the highest quality standards in the DURABLE production facility in Kamen (North Rhine-Westphalia). Final assembly is carried out by hand in the DURABLE manufactory, also in Kamen.

Technical details:
– For standard / curved monitors from 21 to 27 inches (53.34 to 68.58 cm) and 3-8 kg.
– Monitor sizes 28-38 inch can only be rotated to a limited extent
– With VESA mounting 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm (international standard of the Video Electronics Standards Association for screens and monitors)
– Monitor 360° rotatable for working in portrait or landscape format
– Monitor 110° tiltable; 85° up, 25° down
– Rotation angle: lower arm can be rotated max. 200°, upper arm 360
– Upper arm height adjustable from 20-130 mm
– Table clamp for table thicknesses from 14-44 mm
– Easy assembly: The screw of the table clamp is fastened with the enclosed tool
– Dimensions: 345 x 470 x 120 mm (W x H x D)

Note: Content provided by producer, translated by leap in time (source: https://www.durable.de/ordnen-und-organisieren/it-zubehoer/monitor-halterungen/monitor-halterung-mit-arm-fuer-1-monitor-tischklemme-01.html  [07.01.2021])