Integrative Office Solutions – Silent Communication Solutions

In many situations, it will continue to be important to work and communicate undisturbed. Silent Communication Solutions offer space for targeted phases of undisturbed work and communication.

Checklist for future-proof silent communication solutions.

The silent communication solution …

✓ meets office workers’ future needs for communication and collaboration (future orientation).

✓ complies with the principles of environmentally friendly production, use, and disposal (sustainability).

✓ is new and innovative – and stimulates creative working (innovativeness).

✓ provides space to relax (recreation).

✓ is fully digitalized and is equipped with state-of-the-art media equipment (technology integration).

✓ supports communication and teamwork (teamwork).

✓ supports important criteria for ergonomics, functionality, and usefulness.

The following silent communication solutions have been certified based on the criteria of the COMFURNACY seal:

Description by producer:

100% freedom, 0% interruptions: HELLO: Our British, flexible and space-saving telephone booth for one person provides a comfortable working environment and is a real eye-catcher. Also on casters for easy relocation. Perfect for making undisturbed phone calls or participating in video conferences. Standing booth with standing table.

Sound insulation: Our booths insulate up to an average of 45 dB. With the HELLO booth we achieve about 30 dB, depending on the particular measurement.

Sound isolation in two ways. Have your conversations in a private atmosphere without disturbing your work colleagues.

Fire protection: The bricks and the interior of the booth are made of flame-retardant materials. Therefore, they can be easily integrated into the structural environment.

Customized & Flexible: You can order our cabins in all existing colors of the RAL palette ( The options we offer you allow you in freedom to design your workplace and the dynamics of it yourself. Easy relocation guaranteed thanks to the attached casters.

Fast & Practical: Incredibly fast assembly possible thanks to the patented modular system. Moreover, you can move our telephone booth with the help of the attached casters.

Note: Content provided by producer, translated by leap in time (Source: [02.01.2021].