Towards an Intelligent Robotic Assistant!

Assessment of development and production for an Artificially Intelligent Modular Open Source Robot (KIMORo) in terms of technical and economic feasibility.

The Goal

The primary goal of the KIMORo project is to assess the feasibility of developing and producing an “Artificially Intelligent Modular Open-Source Robot”. The study focuses on analyzing the technical and economic aspects of realizing such systems. In particular, it aims to investigate whether and how such a robot can be effectively deployed in areas outside the fully automated sector, such as gastronomy, hospitality, commerce, healthcare, and office environments.

Within the framework of the project, various approaches to enhancing the fine motor skills and social interaction capabilities of robots are being evaluated. The study includes the evaluation of concepts for modular robotic systems that are flexible and individually adaptable through open-source technologies. Special emphasis is placed on the integration of advanced AI technologies and lightweight construction methods to optimize both functionality and production efficiency. The goal is to gain comprehensive insights that contribute to determining the technical feasibility and economic viability of KIMORo, thereby laying the foundation for future developments in this field.

Project Sponsor

The State of Hesse ( has been managing funding programs with ambitious objectives for decades, contributing significantly to innovation and excellence in research. Through the Distr@l program, projects that significantly advance the state of digital technology are supported. Distr@l is explicitly open to all themes, focusing on digital, application-oriented initiatives.
The KIMORo project is supported by funds from the State of Hesse.

Consortium Partners

KIMORo holds high scientific and technical prospects for success due to the combination of competencies within the consortium. The consortium partners (leap in time GmbH, INVENSITY GmbH and Schwab Offset GmbH & Co. KG) bring together expertise particularly in the areas of robotics, AI, market analysis, and production technology. This collaboration aims to combine technical innovations with practical application experience and to evaluate the feasibility and economic benefits of the KIMORo concept.

Project Coordination

The project coordination of KIMORo is undertaken by leap in time GmbH (Lead Applicant & Project Coordinator).

leap in time

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