You want to know whether you are at the forefront of future-proofing with your office elements? As a customer, do you want to know who can supply you with particularly future-proof office elements? Our COMFURNACY seal will tell you!

How future-proof are your office elements?

The question of how we will work in the future is more present in companies today than ever before. This is where the COMFURNACY seal comes in. It shows you which office elements on the market are particularly future-proof and innovative.

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The COMFURNCACY seal is a company-independent, scientifically based assessment of office elements that helps manufacturers and customers find the most innovative office elements and office technologies on the market. The COMFURNCACY seal shows you how innovative and future-proof your office elements really are. ​

What are the advantages of the COMFURNACY seal for suppliers & manufacturers of office elements?

  • Modern external presentation – The independent seal guarantees a sustainable external presentation of your company. You present yourself as a sustainable and future-proof supplier of office elements.
  • Feedback for improvements – Based on a scientifically founded and practical test of your office element over a period of several months, you will receive extensive feedback to increase the sustainability of your element. And this even if you did not receive a seal in the first step.

What are the advantages of the COMFURNACY seal for customers who want to implement future-oriented work concepts?

  • Orientation in business development – As a business developer, it is important to be up to date on the latest trends and developments of future working environments. The elements certified with the COMFURNACY seal provide an important orientation for you.
  • Decision support – You want to introduce New Work in your company? The range of office elements, whether furniture or technology, is diverse and the quality often not very transparent. The COMFURNACY seal gives you an orientation for the right choice of your office element.

COMFURNACY signals the excellence of your office element to your customers in the following nine dimensions.

The first dimension – future orientation – indicates the extent to which an office element will still meet the needs of the workers in 5 to 10 years’ time.

In the aspect of sustainability, particular attention is paid to materials, production and disposal.

Innovativeness indicates whether an office element is new and unique and whether it stimulates them to work creatively.

If an office element is not only functional, but the users really enjoy working with it, then we speak of customer excitement.

An office element contributes to recreation and work-life balance when it offers possibilities for retreat or supports short breaks.

If an office element can be combined with other elements or technologies, this means high technological integration.

Another very important question is to what extent an office element promotes communication between colleagues and especially teamwork.

Finally, we also evaluate the ergonomics and the functionality and usefulness of office elements.

In phase 1, your product will be evaluated by permanent users who work in our leap in time Lab. In addition, we conduct user tests with visitors to the leap in time Lab. The nine dimensions of sustainability are evaluated.

The different perspectives from the user ratings are evaluated in phase 2 based on statistical methods.

In phase 3, a further, neutral evaluation is carried out by the expert council consisting of scientists, business experts, and users.

The overall results will be compiled by us: You will receive a written short report. If the evaluations are within the “green range”, you will receive a certificate.

The Comfurnacy seal developed by us enables the evaluation of furniture. Read more about this in our current publications or find out more on our website.

Which companies have already been awarded the COMFURNANCY seal?

In the following, you can find out more about our individual categories. In each case, examples are given of which office elements have already been rated within the framework of the respective category.

Would you like to know how good your office elements are? By clicking on the elements you will get to the respective checklist of the category. This way you can get an idea in advance how good your office elements really are.

The category “Sitting in the office” includes all seating in the office. For example, individual office elements that have already been certified are shown below.

The category “Around the desk” includes all desk elements from ordinary desks to stand-up desks. For example, individual office elements that have already been certified are shown below.

The category “Future-proof meeting solutions” includes all types of meetings, whether in separate cubes or in open-plan offices. For example, individual office elements that have already been certified are shown below.

The category “Integrative office solutions” includes holistic office solutions instead of individual office elements. For example, individual office elements that have already been certified are shown below.

The category “office technologies” includes innovative and useful tools that enrich everyday office life for everyone, but cannot be assigned to one of the other categories. For example, individual office elements that have already been certified are shown below.

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